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Refurbished Pallets

Refurbished Wooden Pallets

Refurbished pallets are an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to new pallets. At Born Again Pallets, we’re the first choice for quality second-hand pallets.

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Why choose refurbished pallets?

We always aim to provide more sustainable options and processes when it comes to pallets, crates, and cases. Refurbished pallets are a fantastic solution because they remove the need for new raw materials. There is also no manufacturing process required because they are already good to go. We refurbish pallets where required, ensuring that they are just as sturdy as when they first came off the production line.

Our process

At Born Again Pallets we process thousands of recycled pallets every week. Each pallet is sorted into a category based on its size and weight rating capacity, via stringent standards that we have developed. We always inspect pallets thoroughly, ensuring that they are in good condition.

If quality, reliability, and affordability are important to you, then Born Again Pallets’ refurbished pallet range is right for you. Standard Australian pallets are in high demand, so if you're able to transport on slightly smaller sizes then you can save additional money with our non-standard refurbished pallet range. See our full range of recycled pallets below.

Why choose our refurbished pallets?

We’re here to help build a greener future, by recycling and refurbishing pallets of all types.

Sustainability is our foundation

Our processes are environmentally friendly and we’re always looking for ways to improve because the future of our planet depends on businesses like ours. Closing the waste loop for pallets and reducing reliance on virgin resources is incredibly important to us. We’re doing our part, and our clients (like you) are supporting our cause. 

Customised pallets

We offer a range of custom services for timber crates in Adelaide. If you need something a little different or have specifications that are out of the ordinary, we’re here to help. We’ve worked with businesses in a range of different industries, creating all kinds of wooden crates and cases for shipping and transport. The types of custom crates that we produce include export crates, national transport crates, local transport cases and crates, and more.

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