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Recycled Timber & Plywood

Australia is home to incredible natural terrain, including unique forests and woodlands. These precious environments need to be protected at all costs, and recycling timber is key to preserving natural bushland and forests. At Born Again Pallets, we transform old pallets into recycled timber and recycled plywood sheets, among many other products.


We’re committed to doing everything we can to minimise deforestation and create a more sustainable timber industry. That’s why our dedicated recycling centre transforms recycled pallets into reusable items. Our recycling facility allows us to produce recycled plywood and timber products for people and businesses in Adelaide, closing the waste loop.

Let Us Deliver!

Shop online with Born Again Pallets and let us take the hassle out of transporting bulky building materials, while you focus on your project at hand!

Recycled timber pallets

Recycled pallets are a sustainable, cost-effective option for businesses in Adelaide. Instead of spending money on new pallets, which are made from virgin timber, recycled timber pallets are much more environmentally friendly, and are cheaper. That’s a much smarter business decision, particularly where sustainability is concerned. We supply recycled, hybrid, and plywood pallets to a range of logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing companies in Adelaide.

Recycled plywood sheets

We supply new plywood and offer recycled plywood reclaimed from plywood import pallets, providing affordable building materials for all kinds of projects. Recycled plywood, like recycled pallets, is cheaper than new material, and easier on the environment. Our plywood is perfect for a range of applications, including construction projects and DIY activities.

Other recycled timber products

We also offer a broad range of pine timber supplies, ideal for builders, carpenters, and homeowners. This includes chipboard timber, laminate board, fence pickets, cable reel tops, recycled planters, and more. If you have an idea that requires a custom approach, we’d love to chat. We’ll help you source the right recycled pine timber in Adelaide so you can get your project underway.


We don’t just supply recycled pallets and recycled plywood - we also produce a range of bespoke indoor and outdoor furniture. This includes our upcycled wine barrels, which give an authentic, industrial look as high-top tables in bars or restaurants. If stained and waterproofed well, our outdoor furniture can last for years.


Take a look at our range of products here.

Got old pallets? We’ll take them

We live by the three R’s - Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle. It’s this ethos that drives us to produce  recycled plywood, timber, pallets, and more. If you have unwanted pallets lying around and you need them gone, we’re here to help. 


Get in touch with us today to book a collection service.

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