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Recycled Products for Every Upcycle Project

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Recycled Timber

Dismantled Pallet Timber for Your Next DIY Project


Recycled Plywood

Great for DIY Uses, with an Unbeatable Price Tag!


Cable Drum Tops

Cable Drum Tops Pre Sanded, Routed Edges Ready to Go!


New Timber

New Timber Makes

Frame Work Easy


New Plywood

New Non Structural Plywood at a Competitive Price


Wine Barrels

Wine Barrels In Various Sizes/Conditions


Fence Pickets

Our Fence Pickets are

Super Cheap


Bundled Timber

So Cheap you can't Help but Buy Too Much!


Sheet Timber

Particle Board Plain & Laminated, MDF, Coloured Board, & More

Our Timber Products

Recycled Timber

As a recycled timber supplier, we focus on protecting the environment and minimising deforestation, especially here in Australia, where our woodland and forest areas are so precious and unique. Our modern and innovative recycling centre transforms recycled pallets into reusable garden furniture, plywood, and fence pickets. We also provide chipboard timber, laminated board and other new timber products, such as plywood, throughout Adelaide.

We can supply you with laminated board and hybrid pallets we create from new and recycled timber at Born Again Pallets. Why not browse our selection of pallet creations?

  • We have a selection of charming outdoor furniture created from used but still useful pallet wood. From outdoor lounging to alfresco dining, you’ll love our collection.We have a selection of charming outdoor furniture cr

  • You'll find inspiration in our showroom if you’re looking for outdoor creative ideas. The sky is the limit, from plant holders to side tables and wall frames!

  • Our upcycled wine barrels are a beautifully rustic approach to indoor or outdoor furniture. They can give an authentic, industry look as high-top tables in bars or restaurants, and if stained and waterproofed well, our wine barrels in Adelaide can last for years outdoors and look fantastic paired with our recycled cable drums. 

Get Creative With Born Again Recycled Wood Products

Our range of pine timber supplies is ideal for builders, carpenters, homeowners or anyone undertaking a DIY project that needs to source recycled wood. Talk to us about your idea, and we will help you source the pine timber around Adelaide that you need to get your creative juices flowing. 
Please visit our Facebook or Instagram page to get an idea of some of the products we have already made for other customers. We look forward to hearing about your project. 

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