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Innovative Pallet Recycling

At Born Again Pallets, we repurpose, upcycle, and refurbish timber pallets and breathe new life into timber waste materials. Not only do we stand at the forefront of the pallet industry, but we also embody the principles of sustainability and circular economy.

Committed to minimising the carbon footprint and reducing timber waste by

re-purposing and recycling.

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Pallets to Recycle?

How it works?

Pallets are often sent straight to landfills, mulching facilities or piled up in warehouses and factories. That means either a poor result for the environment, or a waste of space and potential fire hazard for businesses. 


Our pallet collection service makes it easy for businesses to engage with us, whether it’s a once off pallet collection or continued regular service, we have the ability to service you hassle free, whilst reducing your waste fees, as skip and RORO bins are expensive to service and you often pay to remove a large volume of air.


Use Born Again Pallets to recycle your pallets and everyone wins! Your pallets are recycled ensuring the timber is used again in the most effective way possible, saving trees and our ecosystem. You will save money compared to traditional skip bin waste business models.


Our recycling methods are simply a better way forwards.

Our Business-to-Business Products

At Born Again Pallets, we’re versatile in providing a range of products and services for businesses in Adelaide and our innovative recycling centre is at the forefront of the pallet recycling industry.

Our Sustainable Business Model

Born Again Pallets is so much more than what our audience sees on social media or in our retail showroom. The foundation of our operation is The Three R’s - Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. We’re committed to eliminating pallet timber waste, protecting Australia’s unique forests and woodlands, and creating a more sustainable timber industry.


We do this by adopting best practices and a holistic approach to pallet recycling. Thousands of pallets are recycled in our facility weekly, pallets that can be utilised again are refurbished to standards and resold for transport purposes. Pallets that don’t conform to our logistics chain are dismantled through specialised machinery, the timber graded and used to produce “new” pallets. Some of this graded material is diverted to our retail sector for use by builders and DIY enthusiasts.  Any waste timber is converted to mulch or bio fuel.


We also offer collection services for businesses in Adelaide, making it easier than ever to get rid of old pallets and avoid dumping costs. Disposing of timber waste in a more sustainable manner has never been easier and more cost effective! With Born Again Pallets everyone wins.

Our Sustainable Impact

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Local Business Award Winner

Sustainability Champion – This is awarded to the business that prioritises the environment and takes action on reducing their carbon footprint, improving substantiality and apply resources to climate change.

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