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Our Sustainable Business Model

Born Again Pallets is a lot more than what our audience sees on social media or when visiting our retail showroom.

Born from the owners backyard in 2016, Born Again Pallets has raced towards a sustainable future, by adopting worlds best practices and always feeding the vision of a more sustainable future.


Thousands of waste pallets are recycled every week, always conscious to input the least amount of energy to make that pallet viable for re-use in the local supply chain.

Any pallets that have outlived their life or are not suitable sizes for our local supply chain are put through specialised dismantling machinery, the boards and stringers are graded and at this point the loose timbers will either make their way to the milling floor to be graded for pallet production or transported to our retail/workshop environment for sale to the public and pallet furniture production.

The pallets we recycle would have gone to landfill or mulching facilities prior to our innovative processes. Our innovation means transport timber lives many more life cycles before ending up as it's end of life product being mulch or biofuel.

This all equates to less trees required to sustain our local supply chain. One tree is the equivalent of 6-8 pallets. With this in mind we're saving huge volumes of trees yearly.

See our sustainability impact figures illustrated below, along with a special video highlighting the processes at Born Again Pallets

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