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Wooden Cases & Crates

At Born Again Pallets, we create high-quality wooden crates and cases from new and recycled materials. Our crates and cases are perfect for a range of transport applications, including local, interstate and international shipping.

Sheet Timber Cases

Our sheet timber cases are built from affordable recycled materials and are ideal for one-way journeys either locally or overseas. These cases are not suitable for continual re-use.

Timber Cases

Quality timber cases are a great option for all transport applications. These cases keep your products secure and hidden away from prying eyes. They are not as affordable as sheet timber crates but make up for this in durability, so if you need something durable for security or re-use purposes - timber crates are ideal.

Timber Crates

Robust timber crates are perfect for protecting your goods from damage. Their minimalist construction keeps costs down whilst keeping your goods safe, the construction also allows your products to breathe with ample airflow, while keeping them visible.

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Wooden Crates in Adelaide

Looking for high-quality wooden crates? At Born Again Pallets, we offer a range of recycled and hybrid options, perfect for a range of uses. Our timber crates are made from unwanted pallets, meaning you’ll be contributing to a greener future while saving money! We also provide a custom crate service, tailoring crates and cases to the needs of many different businesses.

Why choose recycled wooden boxes in Adelaide?

Sustainability always

Our processes are environmentally friendly and we’re always looking for ways to improve because the future of our planet depends on businesses like ours. Closing the waste loop for pallets and reducing reliance on virgin resources is incredibly important to us. We’re doing our part, and our clients (like you) are supporting our cause. 

Custom solutions

We offer a range of custom services for timber crates in Adelaide. If you need something a little different or have specifications that are out of the ordinary, we’re here to help. We’ve worked with businesses in a range of different industries, creating all kinds of wooden crates and cases for shipping and transport. The types of custom crates that we produce include export crates, national transport crates, local transport cases and crates, and more.

Affordable crate pallets

Recycled wooden crates and boxes are also more affordable than newly manufactured pieces, making them a smart decision for businesses in Adelaide. So for a more sustainable and financially savvy result, Born Again Pallets is here for you.
We’re the number one choice for wooden crates in Adelaide. Sustainable, affordable, and built to last - Born Again Pallets is here to help.


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