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Pallet Recycling Adelaide

As a recycled timber pallet supplier, we believe we play an essential role in the sustainability of Australia’s timber resources, with pallet recycling throughout Adelaide being one of the ways we practice sustainable manufacturing.

Here’s a taste of the services or products you can expect from our pallet recycling services:


  • Our innovative pallet recycling centre is dedicated to turning used pallets into reusable hybrid pallets or other products to extend the timber’s lifecycle and save trees.

  • Pallet removal around Adelaide. If you own a business where you often move or use pallets, they are bound to require replacement. We will come to collect your pallets viable for recycling and provide a cost-effective solution.

  • We also sell national transport and export crates made from recycled and new timber.

  • We can even return your pallets as beautiful furniture for indoor or outdoor use. Come visit our showroom and view our wine barrel, pallet and other furnishings.

Why Support Timber Recycling in Adelaide

We make pallet collection and disposal near Adelaide much easier for you. Support the environment while you decorate your property with sustainable furniture. We also provide cable drum tops, wine barrels, plywood, new or recycled timber, as well as sheet timber and fence pickets.

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