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Pallet Recycling  Assessment Form
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How do we recycle wood pallets?

At Born Again Pallets, we have our own innovative pallet recycling centre. This facility is dedicated to turning old pallets into new, recycled pallets… as well as many other products. We produce a wide range of furniture by recycling wood pallets, giving this timber waste a new lease on life in a cost-effective manner.

Once we collect or receive the old pallets, our team assesses the condition of the timber. We then divide up the wood, based on what it can be used for, and whether it is treated or not. Then, the timber is graded and processed, and we begin using it in the manufacturing process for the production of pallets, cases, crates, refurbished pallets and furniture.

We also offer free pallet collection throughout Adelaide!

If you have old pallets sitting around your warehouse or factory and would like to recycle them, but have no way to deliver them to us, that’s okay! We offer free pallet collection in Adelaide. We believe in making our sustainable services accessible to everyone. Simply give us a call to book in a pallet pick-up service, once we have assessed your pallet situation we can approve a pallet collection and solution based on your scenario.

Giving old pallets new life

We’re able to make the most of our facility by turning recycled pallets into a range of different products. Through savvy pallet disposal services that allow us to bring in a high volume of timber, we can make the most of materials that would otherwise go to waste. 

We turn old pallets into:

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture

  • Event furniture for hire

  • Reusable hybrid pallets

  • Shipping crates


A range of other products for homes and businesses.

Our showroom displays all of our sustainable furniture and other products - so you can stop by and take a look at our full range yourself. Get in touch with us today for more information on pallet recycling and pallet removal services in Adelaide.

Pallet Recycling in Adelaide

We believe that a sustainable timber industry in Australia is non-negotiable. While timber is a regenerative resource, plenty of timber goes to waste every single year. One common source of this waste is old pallets. That’s exactly why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer dedicated pallet recycling services for Adelaide locals. And we absolutely love doing it! The best part is that every pallet we’re able to reuse means trees saved.

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