Recycled Pallets

The Most Cost Effective Pallet Range 


Recycled Pallets

The most cost effective pallet solution, with a large range of sizes available and ready to ship.


Recycled pallets are great value and an easy option.


Contact us today and request a PDF wholesale pallet price list for the full range of recycled pallets available.  

Hybrid Pallets

Our Flagship Product

A "New Pallet" at a Recycled Price


Hybrid Pallets

Our Hybrid Pallets are produced using recycled timber boards of exceptional quality.

If you need custom produced pallets in volume, then your only option has been to purchase new timber pallets but now with

Born Again Pallets Hybrid Pallet range you can achieve a clean custom new pallet look at a more affordable price point.

Born Again Pallets processes thousands of near new waste import pallets weekly, via specialised machinery, grading and re sawing the timber for our Hybrid Pallets.

Born Again Pallets Hybrid Pallets are made from recycled boards and new timber bearers, offering a sturdy reliable uniform pallet for your transport needs.

We can even brand your hybrid pallets for that personalised touch.

Contact us today and request your hybrid pallet quote.  

New Pallets

Sometimes New Is The Preferred Option


New Pallets

Sometimes new pallets are your preferred option.

Whilst we want to recycle as much as possible to cut down on our use of new timber providing a more sustainable future.

New pallets maybe the preferred option for your scenario. 


In these cases Born Again Pallets have you covered, whilst using sustainable timber sources.


We can meet your new pallet requirements


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