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Our Pallet Range

Recycled Pallets

The Most Cost Effective Pallet Range 

Refurbished Pallets
Refurbished 1165 x 1165 Light Standard.jpg

The most cost effective pallet solution, with a large range of sizes available and ready to ship.


Recycled pallets are great value and an easy option.


See the full list of recycled pallets available from our Adelaide branch here.  

Hybrid Pallets

Our Flagship Product

A "New Pallet" at a Recycled Price

Custom Pallets Born Again Pallets
BAP 1200x1200 Brick Pallet.jpg

Our Hybrid Pallets are produced using recycled timber boards of exceptional quality.

If you need custom produced pallets in volume, then your only option has been to purchase new timber pallets but now with  Born Again Pallets Hybrid Pallet range you can achieve a clean custom new pallet look at a more affordable price point.

Born Again Pallets processes thousands of near new waste import pallets weekly, via specialised machinery, grading and re sawing the timber for our Hybrid Pallets.

Born Again Pallets Hybrid Pallets are made from a mix recycled and new boards, paired with new timber bearers, offering a sturdy reliable uniform pallet for your transport needs. 

New Pallets

Sometimes you just need a 100% new timber pallet.

Adbri Pallets
BAP 1165x1165 Heavy.jpg

Sometimes new pallets are your preferred option.

Whilst we want to recycle as much as possible to cut down on our use of new timber providing a more sustainable future.

New pallets maybe the preferred option for your scenario. 


In these cases, Born Again Pallets have you covered, whilst using sustainable timber sources.


We can meet your new pallet requirements. 

Export Pallets

Need Export Pallets?

No problems.

Our Hybrid Pallets.jpg

Pallets Adelaide

If you’re already relying on large numbers of timber pallets in Adelaide for your business, why not consider switching to recycled options and help the planet in the process? Our team focuses on bringing upcycling projects and DIY materials to you that are affordable and environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Recycled Wooden Pallets in Adelaide

While we also offer brand-new pallets, we encourage our clients to use our recycled pallets whenever possible. Here are some reasons we think you should choose recycled:

  • It is better for the environment. There is no denying that any little effort to fight climate change is worth it, and if you’re already using large numbers of pallets, there is no reason you can’t opt for recycled options. That way, you get your pallets and help the environment in a single move.

  • It is more affordable than new pallets. We make sure to keep our recycled options more affordable to encourage their use. Whether you want one or ten, saving money is always worth it.

  • They are as durable as new pallets. Recycled does not mean weak. Whenever any of our used pallets in Adelaide break or become unusable, the recycling process uses those otherwise discarded materials to create a brand-new pallet. You don’t have to worry about it meeting your weight-bearing requirements.

What to Expect From Us When You Need to Buy Pallets in Adelaide

When you need pallets for sale in Adelaide, you should have options. Here are the types of pallets we can provide to our clients:

  • Recycled. Our most cost-effective option allows you to get your required pallets of plywood within Adelaide while supporting the environment.

  • Hybrid. We make our hybrid pallets from recycled timber boards, which are good if you need custom options. We can shape it to your required size and even put custom branding on it if you wish.

  • New. If our recycled and hybrid options don’t appeal to you, we have brand-new pallets made from sustainably sourced timber.

All our pallets come in a variety of sizes, so don’t hesitate to ask us about specific sizing requirements before ordering your next batch. Always remember the name Born Again Pallets for all your pallets in Adelaide.

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