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Export Pallets

We produce high-quality export pallets for international transport.

Transportation pallets

We produce a range of recycled and hybrid transportation pallets for export. These pallets are compliant and can be tailored to your transport needs.

Shipping crates

Well-built timber shipping crates are an essential. We produce robust crates that will keep your goods safe during their international journey. 

Custom exp0rt pallets

We produce a range of custom export pallets for clients in Australia. We can tailor these pallets to your size requirements, ensuring a smoother export process.

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Why choose export pallets by Born Again Pallets?

Export pallets must be compliant with the requirements of the Australian Wood Packaging Scheme (AWPCS) and manufacturers must be logged on their register. We produce pallets and shipping crates that tick all the boxes, ensuring that your goods are meeting legal obligations throughout the entire export process.
We undergo two audits each year to ensure that our production processes and finished pallets are meeting these requirements, and to ensure we’re meeting the quality standards that set us apart from other producers. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce recycled pallets that comply with AWPCS requirements, while remaining affordable.

ISPM-15 export regulations for export pallets

ISPM-15 is the international standard for wood packaging (pallets, crates, cases, dunnages, etc.) in the export process. This regulation stipulates that the wood must be debarked, heat treated, or fumigated, and stamped with a symbol that displays compliance. If pallets do not receive this kind of treatment, they may unintentionally transport insects and bacteria to another country.
Regular audits certify that we remain compliant and produce pallets that are safe for export. All of our export pallets meet the necessary requirements and are stamped with the internationally recognised ‘wheat stamp’. This ensures a smooth journey for your goods, without delays at customs or quarantine. 


Why choose our wooden shipping pallets?

We produce a range of export pallets for all kinds of goods and can custom-build pallets and crates to your specifications. 

Sustainability is our foundation

Sustainability is the foundation of what we do here at Born Again Pallets. A large portion of our products are made from reclaimed timber pallets and are the result of sustainable processes. This means we are able to remove material from the waste stream and turn it into high-quality products for Australian businesses. We’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and become more environmentally friendly.

Custom wooden shipping pallets

We offer a range of custom services for export pallets and timber shipping crates. We understand that it can be difficult to find the right pallets for certain types of goods, so we offer tailored solutions for all types of businesses. Our production team can produce high-quality, compliant export pallets and crates no matter your requirements.

Affordable shipping crates

Recycled transport pallets and crates are more affordable than new products. This makes recycling a smarter business decision, and one that helps the environment. So for a more sustainable and financially savvy result, Born Again Pallets is your number one choice.


Looking for compliant export pallets in Adelaide? Get in touch with us today.

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