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Recycled Pallet Furniture

At Born Again Pallets, we produce a range of timber furniture for indoor and outdoor use. We make this furniture from old and discarded pallets, creating a way to reuse and repurpose would-be timber waste. A more sustainable Australian timber industry is our aim, and we are contributing to this goal by creating fantastic pieces of furniture from recycled pallets.


Our range of furniture features an array of attractive and versatile products. We have pieces that are ideal for events, as well as for use in your home or office. Upcycling is a fantastic way to create furniture with quality materials while contributing to a healthier environment. It also ensures that furniture is more affordable - another fantastic benefit of recycled furniture in Adelaide.

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How does it work?

Pallets have long been seen as a waste byproduct of the transportation and manufacturing industries. However, we take these pallets and upcycle them in our innovative recycling facility, turning the reused timber into a range of products, including wooden pallet furniture. This reduces waste, decreases our impact on the environment, and creates a range of attractive outdoor timber furniture for Adelaide locals at affordable prices. 

What makes our custom timber furniture so great?

Our team of expert craftspeople takes the time to refurbish the upcycled wood. Once this has occurred, each piece boasts a mellow khaki colour that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. We produce a huge range of furniture pieces, ideal for any space; for your kitchen, office, outdoor area, living room, and more. We also offer a custom service, just speak with our staff about your idea and we will help bring it to life. 


Upcycled furniture is incredibly durable. Pallets are built to carry heavy items, and they need to be strong and resistant to damage. Our furniture maintains these qualities by using the original materials, along with quality workmanship. Outdoor timber furniture in Adelaide also needs to be able to withstand the harsh climate… and our pieces always perform admirably.


Each piece remains lightweight without sacrificing on strength. This is thanks to the type of pine timber used to build pallets. This makes every piece of pallet furniture quite easy to move and relocate whenever you like. And at the end of the day, each and every piece maintains an elegant, modern design. We love crafting inviting, minimal custom timber furniture that fits in perfectly with your existing home or office.

Our range of recycled timber furniture

We offer a wide range of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Our range of bespoke pallet furniture includes:

  • Desks

  • Chairs

  • Tables

  • Dining settings

  • Coffee tables

  • Bar tables

  • Custom shelving

  • Custom cabinets

  • Outdoor settings

  • Timber screens

  • Drawers

  • And so much more.

We love creating custom, recycled furniture pieces that combine functionality and style. This means providing easy storage, both indoors and outdoors, modular seating to create the perfect layout at home or your business, and sociable settings to encourage guests and customers to enjoy their experience.

What other recycled timber products do we make?

We utilise recycled timber to create a huge range of products - not just furniture! For example, we build custom planter boxes, providing a wonderful garden solution for small yards. We also create a range of new and recycled materials for use in construction and DIY projects. 

If you are looking to buy pallet furniture in Adelaide, we’re here to help. You can browse our range online today, and contact us for a free quote. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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