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From design to finished product, our team will guide you every step of the way. 
Give your space some rustic charm and warm character with our large selection of recycled materials we will have your space screaming rustic and unique.

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Pallet Furniture Adelaide

Exploring the Versatility of Pallet Furniture in Adelaide

A common sight among freight loads and shipping, pallets have unfortunately only been seen as a transportation product, but this view is slowly starting to change. With Born Again Pallets you have the chance to browse a large selection of pallet furniture in Adelaide, and equip your home or office with unique and eco-friendly furnishings. By up-cycling wooden pallets and using them to construct our furnishings, we can decrease our impact on the natural world, while creating attractive and versatile products.

Why our Recycled Timber Furniture is Perfect for Adelaide

After refurbishing the pallets, we use for our furniture, the wood boasts a mellow, warm khaki colour that is suitable for either internal or external use. When considering using our timber furniture in Adelaide, you have the option of placing your new furnishings just about anywhere. Due to the durability of the wood, it can withstand harsh climates while retaining its structural strength. Some characteristics of our custom timber furniture in Adelaide include: 

  • Durability and toughness. Because pallets should be able to carry heavy loads of cargo without failing, they are inherently strong and resistant to damage. Capable of brushing scratches and bumps off without implicating the look of the wood, our furnishings are sure to serve you for a long time. D

  • Lightweight and eco-friendly. Due to wood’s strength to weight ratio, it’s incredibly strong without being too heavy. This allows for easy moving and shifting and not as much human strength required. By reusing the lightweight pallets, we can help ensure that fewer trees must be cut down to craft beautiful furnishings. 

  • Elegant and modern design. By using the minimalist qualities of pallets to construct our custom wooden furniture for Adelaide, we can create inviting furnishings that conform to the atmosphere of your home or office. With a rustic, yet stylish look, pallets are extremely diverse.  

What Varieties of Solid Timber Furniture Do We Supply to Adelaide?

Although our furnishings are perfect for indoor settings, such as lounges, living rooms, or TV rooms, we also offer several options of outdoor timber furniture in Adelaide. Our outdoor furnishings are meant to complement your external entertainment areas and provide a comfortable alternative to metal or plastic seating. When equipping your barbecue, fire pit, or pool area with our outdoor furnishings, you have the convenience of:

  • Easy storage. Because of the geometric shape of our furnishings, you can easily stack and store the seating for convenience.

  • Modular seating. By utilising a variety of furniture shapes and sizes when equipping your seating areas, you can play around with your layout and slot pieces together or have them stand alone without looking out of place. 

  • Sociable settings. When having guests over, our seating promotes conversation and socialising by making the atmosphere less formal and more comfortable. The laid-back energy of our furnishings is sure to keep late night party guests comfy.

What Else Do We Make with Pallets?

Among our variety of indoor and outdoor furnishings, we also apply the qualities of pallets to the realm of horticulture by constructing planter boxes for Adelaide. For those who do not have much outdoor space or soil to work with, our pallet planter boxes mean you can have elevated gardens that you can move around. With more people looking to produce their own fruit and veg at home, our raised garden beds are perfect for use in Adelaide. Pallets provide us with a more sustainable way of creating timber planters for everyone to move towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. By decreasing our collective reliance on mass production, we can encourage positive change on a personal and commercial level.

When you are either looking to equip your home with sustainable furnishings, or install eco-friendly garden beds in Adelaide, why not have us make your home greener. Contact us for more information. 

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