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A versatile and innovative solution for your creative projects!

This pine cable reel top has been refurbished to provide a sturdy and reliable foundation for a wide range of uses. Sold in its raw form, it's a blank canvas waiting for your unique touch to bring it to life.


Due to this being a upcycled product, Size can variey between 800mm - 850mm

Refurbished Cable Reel Top

GST Included
Only 8 left in stock
  • Finish: Raw

    Material : Recyced Timber (Pine)

    Rounds Vary between 800mm - 850mm x 40mm Thick

    Please Note:

    Every piece of our product is handcrafted from recycled timber, which means that no two items will look exactly the same. The unique characteristics of reclaimed wood, including variations in grain, color, and texture. 

    We believe that these differences are what make your purchase one-of-a-kind and celebrate the sustainable journey of each piece of timber. Your support for our mission to reduce waste and promote eco-conscious practices is deeply appreciated.

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