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Hessian sacks have a variety of practical applications, thanks to their durability, breathability, and versatile nature. 


At Born Again Pallets, we don’t just supply recycled timber products. We also offer second hand hessian sacks, which are fantastic for use around the house, for DIY purposes, or for storage in your place of business. We have a variety of sacks to choose from.


We deliver across the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Hessian Sack

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  • What can I use a hessian sack for?

    Traditionally, hessian sacks are used to hold, carry, and store produce like grain and potatoes. They have also been known to be used in construction, to carry gravel, rock, sand, and other materials. Around the home, they are a great option for storing and carrying firewood and kindling, compost, clippings, and much more.

    Are hessian sacks sustainable?

    Yes, they are! Hessian sacks are made from jute, which is a fibre made from the jute plant. This means they are 100% biodegradable, eliminating waste that comes with similar bags and sacks made from plastic fibres and weaves.

    How much weight can these sacks hold?

    This depends on the size of the sack, but many hessian sacks can hold up to 50kg. All of our sacks are in good condition and structurally sound, so can hold a large amount of weight. It’s best not to overload your sacks though, as they can be difficult to lift and may break if stuffed too full, especially with sharp items.

    Can I put a logo on my hessian sack?

    You can put a logo on a hessian sack. Often, logos are spray painted with templates and stencils. Our sacks may come with an existing logo, as they are second hand items.

    Can I store food products in a hessian sack?

    Yes, you can store certain food products in your hessian sack. For example, grain, potatoes, coffee beans, and other vegetables and fruits can be stored in these sacks. However, do avoid putting food in the sacks that are not durable or naturally sealed.

    Can hessian sacks be upcycled?

    Yes, of course! You can turn hessian sacks into a huge range of useful or creative items. Some examples include pet beds and mats, rustic decorations and gift wrapping, pillow covers, and storage bins or organisers.

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