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Thin Recycled Plywood 1130 x 720 x 3mm

Thin plywood sheets are an important material for a range of different applications and construction projects.


Our recycled thin plywood is an excellent option for home DIY projects, residential construction, commercial building applications and more. Every piece is made from recycled timber materials, while maintaining a very high grade of quality. Paint and sand plywood sheets at your convenience.


Support local businesses and contribute to a greener future by buying from Born Again Pallets. If you’d like to order a large volume of plywood, contact our friendly customer service team today.


Versatile materials for all kinds of projects


Plywood is an incredibly versatile material and is useful for a huge variety of projects and processes. Our thin plywood sheets are an excellent choice for use in building furniture and cabinets, making temporary structures on-site at festivals and events, craft projects at home, interior panelling and much more.


Recycled timber furniture


At Born Again Pallets, we turn secondhand and recovered wood materials into a range of different products, including thin plywood sheets, upcycled timber furniture, and recycled Baltic pine planking, among many other products. Every piece of wood that we are able to recover and recycle is a big win for the environment. And it makes timber products more affordable for everyone!

Thin Recycled Plywood 1130x720x3mm

SKU: 8919419
GST Included
  • What are the advantages of recycled timber?

    The obvious advantage of buying and using recycled timber are the immense benefits for the environment! Recycled wood reduces the need for brand new timber products, thereby reducing the number of trees that need to be cut down and processed. Upcycling and reusing second hand wood also eliminates the emissions that come from the manufacturing process. Other notable advantages include more affordable wood products, rustic appeal of individual pieces, and durability that just doesn’t come with some products.

    How is thin plywood made?

    Thin plywood sheets are made with recycled timber that is pressed into the thinnest plywood sheets. They are smoothed down and then stuck together with an incredibly tough adhesive. They are then pressed and held while the adhesive activates, and heat and pressure treatment is applied. The boards are then trimmed to the desired size, finished, put through a quality control process and once this occurs, they are ready for sale! 

    Is recycled plywood as strong as new plywood?

    It certainly is! Our plywood sheets are made in essentially the same way as new plywood. The difference is that we use recycled timber to make our plywood, instead of new wood products.

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