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At Born Again Pallets, we stock a wide range of new and recycled timber, including sheeting, pine, hardwood, chipboard, masonite and much more.

Why buy recycled timber products?

Integrating recycled timber into your project comes with a number of fantastic benefits. Whether you’re working on a DIY project at home or purchasing materials for a residential building project, recycled timber is an excellent choice. 


Recycled products are generally more affordable than brand-new wood. This is because the recycling process is much cheaper than the process of sourcing virgin materials and then manufacturing planks, sheets, and other wood products. 


The good news is that none of our products sacrifice quality. You’ll be getting the same durability for a lower price… and with more character! And in the end, savings on materials mean more money in your pocket for other aspects of your project.

A diverse range of products

Our recycled timber products include a wide range of pieces, for many different applications. These include:

  • Pallet Timber

  • Pine Timber (New & Recycled) 

  • Recycled Timber Posts

  • Recycled chipboard, Ply and Masonite.

  • Recycled Bearers

  • Milled Timber

  • Recycled Hardwood

  • Much more.


Our range is perfect for projects of all sizes. If you require an especially large order, get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs.

Our commitment to sustainability

Everything we do is built upon a firm foundation of sustainable action. We’re all about recovering and recycling or upcycling timber, mostly in the form of used pallets. We know that every pallet we can refurbish or turn into something else contributes to eliminating excess logging and manufacturing.


Looking to buy recycled timber? Explore our full range of products above.

Frequently asked questions

How do you have a positive impact on the environment?

Purchasing recycled timber means fewer trees are cut down to create virgin material. It also prevents carbon dioxide and chemicals from being released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process - particularly for treated timbers. Timber can be used over and over, depending on the application… so there’s potential for a continuous reuse loop.

Is recycled timber safe?

Yes, recycled timber is safe. Every piece of recycled timber that enters our showroom is heat treated only which means no nasty chemicals. Where required, our recycled products are sorted to ensure that each piece is safe before it qualifies for sale.

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