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Wooden Seating

We craft and stock a range of rustic wooden seating, including stools and bar stools.

Outdoor wooden seating for all occasions

At Born Again Pallets, we turn secondhand timber into quality products, including seating and stools. We specialise in recycling and upcycling used timber pallets, breaking them down and using the materials for a range of purposes. We’re always committed to delivering an environmentally friendly outcome.


Every pallet that we save from landfill and recycle means less trees cut down for virgin wood. This is an excellent result for the Australian environment, and when we can turn this wood waste into quality timber products like wooden seating, everyone wins. When you purchase our wooden outdoor seating, you’re supporting a more sustainable future.

Our range includes pre-built tables, chairs, stools, sand and water play tables and mud kitchen sets. However, we’re always open to taking on custom projects for varying sizes. What’s more, buying wooden table and chair sets from us contributes to sustainable action and reduces wood waste. We’re proud to be having a positive impact on the timber industry in Australia, and our customers help us every step of the way.

Wood bar stools

If you’re looking for rustic bar stools for your home or venue, we’ve got the perfect seating options for you. We craft wood bar stools of varying heights, to suit homes, restaurants, bars, venues, and events all over Australia. If you’re looking for custom bar stools, we can help with that too.

Wood high-back stool

Our high-back stools offer a bit more support, but retain the same rustic charm as our more traditional bar stools. These are ideal pieces for outdoor wooden seating and can contribute to creating a charming outdoor space. They’re also great for use at events of all kinds, including weddings and festivals.

Home, venues, and events

Our wood stools are ideal for use at home, at bars and restaurants, or for all kinds of events. 


We can fill large orders and create custom pieces of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for wooden seating options, our recycled timber stools are perfect. Get in touch with our team today.

Frequently asked questions

Can you build custom seating and benches?

We sure can! Our craftspeople love working on custom projects, and we’re able to work with you to create whatever you require, whether that’s wood bar stools or wooden seating for your garden.

Do you make wood stools in different colours?

All of our furniture is finished with a high grade clear exterior timber oil. This product also offers a selection of seven colour tints available upon request. Some of our most popular colours include Roast Walnut, Coastal Grey and Obsidian Black. If you have any custom requests, get in touch with our customer service team to find out more.

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