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Recycled Baltic Pine Timber


Recycled Baltic Pine adds the perfect blend of rustic charm and durability to any DIY project. 


These lengths come from dismantled timber crates which range from 1.5M - 4M long. Due to this being a recycled product there may be a variance of + or - 5mm. It is recommended to view this product in store before purchasing.


Recycled timber benefits the environment


At Born Again Pallets, we recycle timber from shipping crates and pallets, turning it into a wide range of products. We also recycle timber and prepare it for use in building and DIY projects. This process involves assessing each piece of Baltic pine that comes into our facility and ensuring it’s in good condition. 


Purchasing and using recycled materials is always a better option for the environment. This reduces the need for further logging and production of brand new timber, and reduces emissions involved in the treating or manufacturing process. When you buy recycled timber, you’re promoting a greener future, and getting a great deal!

Baltic Pine Recycled Timber Per L/M

PriceFrom $0.46
GST Included
  • Why should I choose recycled wood over brand new timber?

    Recycled wood is much better for the environment. On top of that, recycled wood comes with rustic charm and character that brand new timber just doesn’t have. Every piece tells a story! Recovered and repurposed timber planks are also more affordable to buy than brand new Baltic pine planks.

    Can I use recycled Baltic pine on any project?

    You can use our recycled Baltic pine on virtually any building project, providing the sizing and type of timber is suitable. We find that this type of timber is an excellent choice for DIY projects at home, like building a bench, a cubby house, or cladding a wall.

    Is recycled timber as reliable?

    Our recycled timber is just as durable and reliable as brand new wood. We check all of our pieces before preparing them for sale to make sure that there are no issues with quality or the strength of the planks.

    Can I order large quantities of recycled pine?

    Yes, you certainly can! If you’d like to place a large order or custom order of Baltic pine timber, simply get in touch with our customer service team today. We’d love to hear from you!

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