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BD Grade Structural Plywood 2400 x 1200


BD grade structural plywood 2400 x 1200 sheets are versatile, strong, and ideal for building projects of varying scale.


This structural plywood can be used for wall and roof sheathing, subflooring, structural framing and much more. This product comes in varying thickness, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your building needs. We can produce large volumes of structural plywood for commercial projects if required.

High-quality structural plywood


Quality building products and materials are essential for a job well done. Our 2400 x 1200 plywood sheets comply with all relevant quality standards and regulations, ensuring they provide stability and structural integrity in all uses. Our plywood and other products are manufactured in our specialised workshop, with our experienced staff utilising the best techniques, equipment, and machinery.


The benefits of buying from Born Again Pallets


At Born Again Pallets, we turn second hand shipping crates and pallets into new timber products, building materials, furniture, and much more. When you buy recycled BD grade plywood from Born Again Pallets, you’re supporting the environment, as well as local business in Adelaide.

BD Grade Structural Plywood 2400 x 1200

PriceFrom $42.85
GST Included
  • Dimensions: 2400mm L x 1200mm W

    BD Grade:
    The B Face is a beaufiful smooth face suitable for high-quality paint finishing and the D face is the "non-appearance" face explicitly designed for structural applications.

    Constructed with A-Bond Glue, using phenol-formaldehyde resin which is specified for marine and exterior plywood which will not weaken under wet conditions, heat, or cold.

    Please note: 
    We do not offer a delivery services for these items.
    All timber and materials must be picked up from our warehouse at 27 Lavinia Street, Athol Park. 

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