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The Importance of ISO Pallets in Global Trade

Updated: May 28

Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular pallet type

ISO pallets

International Organisation for Standardisation pallets (or ISO pallets), are engineered to meet strict global standards for international transport. The uniformity of ISO pallet dimensions ensures that they fit into shipping containers and work with logistics equipment all over the world, reducing a myriad of problems associated with incompatible pallet sizes.

ISO pallets are designed to meet specific standards that facilitate their reuse and easy handling across different networks - a crucial consideration for reducing barriers and keeping costs low in international trade. Many multinational companies, including IKEA, Pfizer, and Apple Inc., mandate the use of ISO-compliant pallets for goods transportation to ensure compatibility and safety across their supply chains.

At Born Again Pallets, we recognise the critical role that standardised shipping solutions play in international logistics. ISO pallets are defined by their specific dimensions and regulations, but have come to be synonymous with a streamlined flow of commerce that touches every single continent in the world. In this guide, we delve into why ISO pallets are so vital, explore their dimensions, and explain their benefits to businesses worldwide.

ISO pallets are the backbone of the global economy. But, there are ways to make them work better for our world. If you’re committed to enhancing environmental sustainability, reach out to Born Again Pallets. Whether it’s disposing of unused pallets or seeking environmentally-friendly shipping alternatives, we're here to assist.

How ISO pallets streamline international shipping

Adhering to ISO pallet specifications is crucial for ensuring goods are exported and received at their intended destinations. Different countries and regions have varying export requirements and infrastructure; therefore, businesses must comply by sourcing high-quality ISO pallets.

There are several main reasons why ISO pallets exist to aid logistical applications:

  • ISO pallets are designed to be handled by forklifts, pallet jacks, and front loaders, which are specifically made to transport these standardised pallets. 

  • The specifications of ISO pallets take into account factors such as door frames and property sizes, which also influence their design and usage.

Compatibility and interoperability

The uniformity provided by ISO pallet dimensions means that businesses around the world can plan and execute transport logistics without having to accommodate varying pallet sizes. This interoperability is crucial for companies that operate on an international scale, facilitating smoother transitions through customs and reducing delays.

Cost efficiency

Using ISO pallets can significantly reduce transportation costs. Their standardised dimensions mean they fully utilise the space in shipping containers, allowing businesses to ship more goods per container. Additionally, the durability and standard quality of ISO pallets means they can be reused multiple times, offering long-term savings.

Enhanced safety

ISO pallets are designed to handle specific loads, which makes them safer for transport. They reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by pallet failure under weight during shipping and handling. Also, their robust design minimises the risk of injuries during manual loading and unloading processes.

Standards streamline transportation

Understanding ISO pallet dimensions

The dimensions of an ISO pallet are critical as they dictate how goods are packed, handled, and shipped across continents. ISO pallets include several standard sizes, the most common being:

  • EUR, EUR1 or Euro-pallet (800mm x 1200mm): Widely used throughout Europe and often in global export due to its durability and manageability.

  • ISO1, also known as the North American pallet (1016mm x 1219mm): Common in North America and used across various industries.

  • Asia pallet (1100mm x 1100mm): Predominantly used in Asia, this size fits many industrial and export needs across the continent.

Common ISO pallet dimensions ensure compatibility with international shipping containers, trucks, and storage systems, enhancing the efficiency of loading and unloading operations. 

This standardisation simplifies the logistics process, reducing costs and minimising the risk of cargo damage during transit.

Width x Length (mm)

Width x Length (inches)

Predominantly Used In

1016 x 1219

40.00 x 48.00

North America

1000 x 1200

39.37 x 47.24

Europe, Asia (comparable to 40" x 48")

1165 x 1165

45.90 x 45.90


1067 x 1067

42.00 x 42.00

North America, Europe, Asia

1100 x 1100

43.30 x 43.30


800 x 1200

31.50 x 47.24

Europe (suitable for many doorways)

What do I do if I need ISO pallets?

Born Again Pallets is your go-to source for ISO pallet solutions in Adelaide and across the globe. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that each pallet not only meets global standards but also supports your business’s green initiatives. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, our ISO pallets provide the reliability and efficiency you need.

Our expertise extends beyond just providing pallets - we offer comprehensive advice on selecting the right pallet ISO solutions for your specific logistics requirements. We ensure that your cargo travels safely, economically, and in compliance with all international shipping standards.

ISO pallet solutions

Join our eco-friendly initiative at Born Again Pallets!

The reuse and recycling of ISO pallets also contributes positively to sustainability efforts. The standardisation encourages the repeated use and refurbishment of pallets rather than disposal, helping to reduce waste.

Ready to minimise environmental impact, save on costs, and promote ecological sustainability? Connect with Born Again Pallets today! From recycling aged pallets to providing green shipping solutions, our services are designed to ensure the optimal use of every pallet. Let's prevent your pallets from becoming waste; we're here to facilitate their transformation into innovative and useful products.

Our extensive recycling and repurposing services guarantee that each pallet is effectively reused, helping to forge a more sustainable tomorrow. Transform your surplus pallets into valuable resources with our expert help.

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