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Pallet Repairs Adelaide

Save Money on Your Pallet Requirement with Pallet Repairs in Adelaide.

Through regular use, pallets can sustain significant damage and eventually require pallet repairs in Adelaide, especially if you use them to ship or store heavy equipment or large quantities of product. Rather than purchasing new ones at a significant cost, you can save money by choosing to repair pallet fractures and breaks.

Related Services We Provide to Pallet Repairs in Adelaide 

We recycle old pallets for companies, and with the resulting timber, we offer several services:

  • Let us repair your pallets, reinforcing the spots where the old wood has split or fractured. We keep what’s good and replace what needs to be replaced, minimising your expenses while delivering a functioning pallet.

  • We sell quality timber from old pallets, so if you need additional timber to complete a project, this wood will suit your needs.

  • If you no longer need your old pallets, even if they are in rough shape, we will take them from you to recycle so that you don’t have to worry about them taking up space in your lot or warehouse.

Why Trust Born Again Pallets Regarding Pallet Repairs in Adelaide?

We’ve applied a simple concept to deliver effective results for our clients. We’re the only pallet company in Australia dismantles pallets in large volumes via machinery, so we have the unique experience necessary to successfully repair any pallets that you have, using quality recycled timber that will save you further. Contact us to schedule a pick-up of your old pallets or repair services for the pallets that you still need for product storage and shipping.

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