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Pallet Removal Adelaide 

Contact Born Again Pallets for Pallet Removal in Adelaide 

Does your company need a free pallet removal service in Adelaide? Turn to the experienced professionals at Born Again Pallets. Our disposal options are ideal for any business that want to remove pallets from their property, once off or on an ongoing basis, in an eco-friendly way and in many cases FREE! 

What Sets Born Again Pallets Apart as Pallet Recyclers in Adelaide? 

We aim to be a trusted name for pallet disposal in Adelaide. When you opt to work with us, you can always expect the following: 

  • Easy pick-up: We strive to make our pallet collection in Adelaide a stress-free process. Snap a few pictures of the pallets you would like us to pick up and e-mail them to us. A member of our team will reach out to you to coordinate a removal time that does not disrupt your business schedule. 

  • No out-of-pocket cost: You never have to pay a dime when you take advantage of our free pallet removal in Adelaide. Our free service is subject to assessment approval, but we love taking away unused pallets and recycling them for another client to use! 

  • Bring it to us: Do you need to get rid of your pallets right away and can’t wait for an appointment? No problem. We offer a free dumping area on our property which gives you the flexibility of transporting your pallets to us at a time that is convenient for you. 

Problems Pallet Collection in Adelaide Addresses 

We understand the vital role we play when we act as your pallet and timber waste recyclers. Some issues we strive to eliminate include: 

  • Safety hazards: Most pallets, especially those used for transportation, take up a lot of space in any warehouse. If you do not have the space to store them appropriately, you run the risk of fire and or injury to an employee. Our free collection service removes this serious concern. Once we have removed the pallets, you benefit from the added space to your work area. 

  • Saves you money: Instead of hiring an outside company to come and haul away this type of material, we will do it for free! If this is something that you would usually do yourself but opting to use us for the disposal also saves you time which means that you can focus on more important facets of your business or day. 

  • Unnecessary waste: Many clients don’t realise that pallets can always be recycled. When they do not dispose of them appropriately, they contribute to a more significant global problem of pollution. By taking the step to use our recycling option, you make a stand against unnecessary landfill disposal.  

Why Choose Born Again Pallets 

The team at Born Again Pallets knows the tremendous environmental impact that our free pallet removal service in Adelaide has on the community. Regardless of whether you are interested in eliminating pallets from your property, adding them for extra storage, or using them for your next project, we are here to help. Do you have more questions? Our staffs are happy to ease any apprehension. 

To learn more about using Born Again Pallets as your pallet recycler in Adelaide, send us a message.

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