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Free Pallet Removal Adelaide Region

Recycle your free pallets in the Adelaide Region with our help.

Do you have an ongoing stream of, waste pallets in the Adelaide region that you are trying to get rid of or recycle in an environmentally-conscious way? Too often, pallets, shipping crates, and other transport materials end up as trash or firewood. At Born Again Pallets, we want to make a difference by offering a better, more environmentally-friendly option.

Problems Born Again Pallets Addresses

If you have second-hand pallets in Adelaide that you are looking to recycle, call Born Again Pallets. Here are a few of the common timber waste removal problems that we solve.

  • Costly removal processes: Say you or your business has received a number of different shipments on timber pallets. You look around for a business that will take give-away pallets in Adelaide only to find that most timber waste companies charge excessive fees to pick up your old pallets or even to accept them at all. At Born Again Pallets, we offer free dumping at our facility for most pallets, crates, boxes, or wooden cable reels that you might have. We also offer a timber waste removal service and, depending on how much usable timber you have to recycle, we might even be able to waive our collection charge.


  • No transparency in what happens to the wood: As you offer up your free pallets in Adelaide, you might be mostly interested in waste timber removal for the purpose of a hazard free yard. However, you might also be invested in making sure the timber is properly recycled or reused in some way. Not all timber waste companies are transparent about what they do with your old pallets and crates but Born Again Pallets is. We will refurbish your old pallets or crates into products that can be used for transport and shipping again. In some cases, we even use recycled wood to build play equipment for schools. You can rest easy knowing that your timber is being reused in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

We know how frustrating the removal of waste transport timber can be. When you call Born Again Pallets, whether it is a one off collection or an ongoing pallet removal service, we will work with you to make the process easy.

What You Can Expect from Born Again Pallets Regarding Our Pallet & Timber Waste Removal in Adelaide

When you decide to work with Born Again Pallets to get rid of those old pallets or wooden boxes on your property, here are a few things you can expect from us.

  • Free or nearly-free timber waste removal: Send us an image/s of the pallets, crates or timber products you want to dispose of to or conveniently text the image/s to 0415755455 and we will assess them for free collection.


  • Environmental peace of mind: Every scrap of free timber we remove goes right back into the products we build. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your timber waste is being reused in the most sustainable way possible.


  • Quality products: If you ever need a shipping pallet or a timber crate, think of Born Again Pallets. Our products are built from quality second-hand materials to ensure strength and durability at much lower prices vs comparable new products 

About Born Again Pallets

We started Born Again Pallets to cut down timber waste, improve timber sustainability and save businesses and consumers from the high cost of timber removal and new timber pallets/crates. We knew that many businesses have free pallets in the Adelaide region that they are just waiting to dispose of or sell. By taking that wood off their hands and using it for environmentally sustainable ends, we are doing our part to save the planet. Contact us today to learn more.

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