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Custom Jobs Adelaide

Turn Trash into Treasure with Custom Jobs in Adelaide.

If you’re looking for a creative way to express yourself around the house, you can take old materials like pallet timber and repurpose it for custom jobs in Adelaide. At Born Again Pallets, we are familiar with the extensive benefits of recycling and upcycling: we take a unique approach to repurposing old pallets and other usable timber that would often only be regarded as rubbish. Through various creative approaches, we help our customers give new life to the old to save money and the planet.

What Sets Born Again Pallets Apart Regarding Custom Jobs in Adelaide?

We’ve found a niche that makes sense from both a financial and sustainability perspective.

  • We’re a large scale pallet recycling facility that offer dismantled pallet timber and transport timber products to the public at amazing prices, the only one of its kind in Adelaide. If you want recycled timber Born Again Pallets is the place to visit.

  • Our innovative pallet recycling centre is your one stop shop for recycled timber, planter boxes, crates, plywood, cable drums and so much more. 

  • See our range of upcycling designs and creations, with staff to help you with your project or have us do your upcycling for you.

As we work with our clients, we develop a passion for the unique role that we play in positively impacting the environment, individuals and businesses.

Creative Ways to Use Repurposed Pallets

You’ll be amazed at some creative ways that pallets can be repurposed. Here are a few ideas.


  • Pallet Beds in Adelaide – Drastically reduce the cost of a bed frame without sacrificing anything in comfort and support. You can disassemble pallets and redesign the frame to exactly suit your room or, with some staining and sealing, you can use the pallet mostly as-is to provide both bed support and storage space.

  • Planter Boxes in Adelaide – One of two common ways that people can use repurposed pallets and crates is with planter boxes. You can create a firm, stable box that fits the dimensions that you need.

  • Garden Beds in Adelaide – Another popular way to liven up your garden with repurposed pallets is to use pallets as garden beds, separating the rest of your yard from your more sensitive garden. In other cases, people have used pallets largely as-is to form hanging planters to create a multi-tiered home for plants.

  • Fire Pits in Adelaide – Provide a foundation for a fire pit. When coupled with stones to prevent the fire from spreading, you can use the pallets to provide seating and define where your fire will be.


The possibilities are limitless, so use your imagination and create amazing additions for your home and yard.

The Importance of Pallet Furniture Hire in Adelaide 

Beyond the design possibilities, repurposed and upcycled pallets have several benefits:

  • Sustainability – Each repurposed pallet saves trees from being cut down, cuts down on the amount of chemicals and energy required to take it to a landfill, and leaves a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Rather than further disrupt our ecosystem, reusing pallets lets us take a more harmonious and sustainable approach.

  • Decreased Cost – Upcycled furniture, repaired pallets, and raw timber are all more affordable when taken from old pallets. Because the old pallets are essentially waste, we can keep our costs astoundingly low as we help you to surrender or invest in wood ready to be put to new and creative uses.

  • Pallet Recycling – One of the hidden costs of pallets is the difficulty involved in recycling and removing them. Small businesses that receive shipments of product are often left with pallets that they cannot ordinarily use for storage, so our service lets them offload the pallet at little or no cost.

Why Born Again Pallets Is Cost-Effective

Our mission and the core function of our business align perfectly with providing cost-effective furniture and timber. Whether you’re a business looking for transport pallets or a homeowner looking for well-priced DIY materials, we can help you to save money while being ecologically friendly.

We believe that the solutions to today’s problems don’t have to cost us the Earth. Our work with pallets is one way we can contribute to a brighter economy and society. Contact us to learn more about how you can put recycled pallets to use.

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