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Crates Adelaide

Born Again Pallets is your source for timber crates in Adelaide.

Do you need a reliable source for quality timber crates in Adelaide? Are you looking for a way to purchase premium-quality crates at affordable price points without sacrificing quality? Do you care about the environment? If you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions or if you’re currently hunting down solutions for crates or boxes, then Born Again Pallets is the right option for you.

The Importance of Choosing Wooden Boxes in Australia

At Born Again Pallets, we offer an array of different shipping and transport goods ranging from pallets to crates to boxes in Adelaide. Each type of shipping solution has its pros and cons. When it comes to boxes and crates, here are the two biggest perks.

  • Ample protection for your shipment: Boxes and crates enclose your shipment on all sides, delivering an additional level of protection. If you are shipping something fragile or delicate, a wooden crate or box is worth considering.

  • Tamper resistance: The extra protection that boxes and crates provide doesn’t just protect your shipment from damage in transit. It also ensures that your shipment is more difficult to access, open, or tamper with during the shipping and handling process.

Especially for international shipments, you might be interested in investing in the confidence of a safe, secure, and well-protected transport container. In such a situation, call Born Again Pallets to ask about our solutions for wooden boxes in Adelaide.

What Sets Born Again Pallets Apart Regarding Crates in Adelaide

If you are looking for somewhere to purchase wooden crates in Adelaide, you can expect a superior, cost-effective service from Born Again Pallets. Here are the factors that set us apart from the competition in this niche.

  • We make crates from recycled timber: The ‘born again’ part of our name refers to our business model: collecting old pallets, crates, and other shipping materials and reusing or repurposing them. Our hybrid refurbished crates are reinforced to ensure strength and durability, but they still primarily utilise recycled wood. By reducing timber waste, we help your business to stay sustainable and environmentally conscious.

  • We offer affordable rates: When you buy new wooden crates, you are paying a premium for fresh materials and manufacturing costs. Since we use recycled materials, pallets, and crates, our overhead isn’t as high as other manufacturers of transport materials. We pass those savings on to you, giving you more affordable products without any drop in quality.

  • We carry a range of different designs: We stock and produce pallets, and crates in a variety of different sizes, styles, and dimensions. One benefit of our hybrid refurbished business model is that we can easily customise crates to suit your specifications.

Why Customers Should Use Born Again Pallets

At Born Again Pallets, we love crafting robust and functional resources using recycled timber. Whether you need a shipment of wooden crates and Pallets or are shopping for recycled timber and pallets in Adelaide, we can work with you to get what you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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