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Cheap Timber Adelaide

Save Money and Make a Positive Impact with Cheap Timber in Adelaide.

One of the best sources for cheap timber in Adelaide stems from a unique approach to repurposing and reusing old materials. Born Again Pallets take old pallets and dismantles them so that you don’t have to, leaving you to do the fun part of that DIY project, while helping the local economy and environment in various ways.

The Importance of Cheap Timber in Adelaide

Timber taken from old pallets is beneficial in several ways:

  • You can save large amounts of money on substantial orders of timber. Each piece comes at a substantial discount compared to buying virgin timber but loses nothing in quality, strength, or stability but gains everything in character and rustic appeal.

  • The improved life cycle of timber products that follows from this reuse process preserves trees and keeps unnecessary material from making it to the landfill.

  • Affordable timber lets you experiment and get creative with DIY projects that can improve your space.

Why Born Again Pallets Is Cost-Effective

We do the hard work for you by collecting pallets from companies that have materials left over from large deliveries. By helping these businesses with pallet removal, we can disassemble the pallets and grade the wood to determine which materials are intact enough for re-use and recycling. By the time the recycled timber hits our showroom, you can use it with confidence knowing that it is quality material that nevertheless saved you money to purchase. Contact us to learn more about how we take old pallets and give them new life.

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