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Buy Pallets in Adelaide

Save Money When You Use Born Again Pallets to Buy Pallets in Adelaide

Next time you buy pallets in Adelaide, consider hybrid recycled pallets rather than brand-new ones. Too often, pallets end up as mulch, firewood, or garbage after a single use. At Born Again Pallets, we firmly believe that there is a better use for this timber ‘waste.’

Problems Born Again Pallets Results

At Born Again Pallets, our hybrid recycled wooden pallets solve many problems typically associated with the process of buying brand-new transport pallets. The two biggest problems we solve are:

  • High prices: High-quality new pallets are expensive, and for a good reason. They use a lot of premium timber. Unfortunately, in most cases businesses only get one use out of every pallet. Once sent to a customer, you never see it again. As a result, those pallet prices tend to eat into your profits significantly. When you go the hybrid-recycled route for your transport pallets in Adelaide, you get lower prices because Born Again Pallets doesn’t have the same material costs that traditional pallet companies do.

  • Timber waste: If you sell goods on a B2B basis, there is a chance that the companies you sell to will reuse your timber pallets for future shipments. In many cases, though, those pallets won’t ever be used again—regardless of how much usable life they have left. By using Born Again Pallets as your source for wooden pallets in Adelaide, you are doing your part to kerb timber waste, ensuring a more sustainable future


As you can see, shopping with us for transport pallets, rather than buying new, will save you money while also playing towards your company’s sustainability initiative.

Common Assumptions People Make Regarding New Pallets in Adelaide

The common assumption is that new pallets are better than refurbished or recycled pallets. However, if you are weighing the pros and cons of buying new pallets in Adelaide, be aware of these common mistakes or misconceptions about new pallets:


  • New pallets are always higher-quality: Refurbished or recycled pallets used to be new pallets. They’re made of the same type of wood, in the same structural design that you’d get with a new pallet. The inherent ‘quality’ of the two products is largely the same.

  • Refurbished pallets might be damaged: You might feel inclined to buy new out of a fear that recycled pallets will be damaged or weakened somehow. At Born Again Pallets, we take steps to make sure that no such thing is true.  Our refurbished pallets for sale in Adelaide are quality checked for defects and the recycled timber used for our hybrid range is graded prior to assembly. The result is that our pallets are as durable and reliable as any new pallet.

  • I won’t save that much by using recycled pallets: How many pallet shipments does your business do a year? Multiply that number by just a few dollars, and your savings from choosing refurbished pallets are already significant.  

Why Born Again Pallets Is Cost-Effective

Our core selling point at Born Again Pallets is how cost-effective we are. Here are a few ways that we can save our customers money when it comes to pallets:

  • A mix of new materials and old materials: To offer the best pallet option that passes quality and price requirements, we pair recycled timber boards with new strong bearers. This strategy reduces materials and manufacturing costs without compromising quality—savings that we pass on to our customers.

  • A broad selection of pallets: Buying your pallets from multiple sellers will always cost more money. We try to be your one-stop shop for pallet solutions, stocking a variety of different sizes and styles, and even offering custom pallet options. 

  • Easy pallet recycling: Do you have old pallets that can’t be reused as is? If so, give us a call. We offer free drop-off for old pallets and can also come to you to collect these old shipping resources. Our pick-up service will either be free or include a minimal charge, depending on the quantity and pallet types you have for recycling. 

Why Choose Born Again Pallets?

Are you looking for dependable export pallets in Adelaide—preferably pallets that don’t cost an arm and a leg? With Born Again Pallets, it’s easy to reduce your overhead expenses without cutting corners on quality. Plus, since we find ways to reuse timber waste, we help you reduce your carbon footprint and take your sustainability commitment to the next level. To buy pallets in Adelaide, contact us today.

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