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Born Again Pallets Adelaide

What You Need to Know about Born Again Pallets in Adelaide

At Born Again Pallets in Adelaide, we dedicate ourselves to changing the way businesses buy, use, and recycle timber pallets. Pallets are extremely useful for transporting heavy-duty goods, but they are also expensive and offer limited reuse potential for the average business. We help by providing a way to get rid of old pallets or find new ones at cheaper prices.

What Sets Born Again Pallets Apart Regarding Adelaide Pallets?

Here are some of the ways Born Again Pallets is changing the game when it comes to buying or disposing of Adelaide pallets:

  • Our prices are cheaper: Have you been looking for a way to cut overhead expenses at your business? If so, you might be hesitant to make cuts in your shipping and transport department, because you don’t want to reduce quality in such a pivotal customer/client touchpoint area. With Born Again Pallets, you can save money by subbing in our quality assured hybrid recycled pallets, in place of more costly “all new pallets”. Our pallets offer the same strength and reliability as any new pallets. Indeed, our pallets are comparable to new pallets in every way but price.

  • Our focus on sustainability: Some of the customers you are shipping to might reuse their pallets, but too often these pallets are not suited for the customers on forwarding requirements At Born Again Pallets, we have a free recycling program dedicated to finding and repurposing these used pallets. Not only does this system enable us to charge lower prices than your average pallet co in Wingfield, but it also means we can play a significant role in environmental sustainability.

  • Our unique business model: You won’t find another pallet co in SA or Australia that does what we do. Indeed, Born Again Pallets is the only pallet company in Australia that offers custom recycled hybrid pallets in large volumes. If you are looking for a way to save money on pallets and you have tried recycled pallets before without success, then you haven’t tried Born Again Pallets. Custom pallets made to your specifications from new and recycled timber, in volume. Quality and sustainability all under one roof. 


We believe that quality pallets shouldn’t be going to dumping or mulching sites after a single use. We help to prevent that fate.

How to Customise Your Order for Born Again Pallets in Adelaide

Are you interested in filling your warehouse’s Dexion pallet racking in Adelaide with hybrid recycled products from Born Again Pallets? Here’s how to customise your order;

  • Explore our product range: You can click here to explore our full range of recycled timber pallets. As you will see, we offer pallets in a variety of different sizes and board thicknesses. Prices are listed clearly for each product.

  • Decide what pallet sizes you need: Some of our pallets are available only in standard sizes, while others come in custom sizes. Try to determine what pallet sizes you require, so we can figure custom models into our quotes if need be.

  • Place your order or lodge an enquiry: If you are ordering standard-sized pallets, fill out the contact form with the pallets you desire, the quantity you need of each and your contact information. If you’re interested in a custom project, let us know your needs. Either way, we will get back in touch with you to finalise the order.

What You Can Expect from Born Again Pallets as Your Pallet Co in SA

If you decide to use Born Again Pallets as your source for transport and shipping materials in Adelaide, here are a few of the points of excellence you can expect from us:

  • Strong, durable pallets: Our idea of recycling pallets is not just reusing pallets that have already logged a lot of kilometres. Instead, our recycled pallets are ‘hybrid’ pallets. They utilise recycled top and bottom boards to deliver sustainability and cost savings but use all new timber bearings to ensure strength and durability. 

  • Fair prices: Our pallets aren’t ‘new,’ which means you will never pay new pallet prices when you buy from us. Hybrid recycled pallets with all the characteristics of a new pallet at a fraction of the cost.

  • Easy recycling: Do you have used, unsuitable or excess pallets that you’d like to recycle? You can either drop your old pallets off at our facility or have us come by and collect them. We offer free or minimal collection charges, depending on the percentage of usable timber. We will even purchase your premium used pallets.

About Born Again Pallets

Next time you are looking to buy pallets Born Again Pallets Adelaide, consider  that we built our business on the belief that transport timber waste figures were out of control and needed kerbing somehow. We are doing our part to make a difference and hope you will join us.
Contact us today to learn more.

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